Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC)

Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC)


TNPL’s PPC cement has high strength, durability and resistance as it is produced by inter-grinding processed fly ash and gypsum. The high binding properties and increase in workability during concrete mixing gives this widely used cement, an edge over others. The fly ash content in PPC cement presents high corrosive resistance and increases the life cycle to the buildings. PPC cement is used for a wide variety of applications that ranges from commercial and residential complexes, bungalows, foundation, columns, beams, slabs, RCC elements and mass concreting.

Chemical Requirements
Loss on Ignition % 1.5-2.0(5.0 max)
Insoluble Residue % 21-24
Chloride Content % <0.02(0.1 max)
Magnesia (MgO) % 1.4-1.8(6.0 max)
Physical Requirements 
Le - Chatelier Expansion MM 1-2(10 max)
Autoclave Expansion % <0.2(0.8 max)
Setting Time-Initial MIN 100-120(30 min)
Setting Time Final MIN 150-200(600 max)
Sulphuric Anhydride (SO3) % 1.8-2.2(3.5 max)
Compression Strength 7days MPa 35-40(22 min)
Compression Strength 28days MPa 47-52(33 min)
Drying Shrinkage % < 0.02(0.15 max)
Compression Strength 3days MPa 25-30(16 min)
Fly Ash Addition
Fly Ash Addition % 26-29


Application: Construction of Bungalows, Construction of Complexes, Construction of Foundation, Construction of Columns, Construction of Beams, Construction of Slabs

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