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TNPL is the largest paper mill in Tamil Nadu which started its commercial production during 1984 with an initial capacity of 0.09 Million Tonnes per annum. Over the years, the capacity has been escalated and the present capacity is 0.4 Million Tonnes of printing and writing paper per annum. The industry needs annually around 0.5 million tones of pulp wood to meet the 35% of raw material. To meet out the pulp wood demand and become self-reliant in pulp wood TNPL created "Plantation Department" during 2003-04.

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Plantation Schemes:

As per National Forest Policy 1988 guidelines, Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers Limited (TNPL), Kagithapuram has introduced two contract farming models during 2004-05 to augment the pulp wood raw material in order to create sustainability and self reliant in meeting the raw material demands through establishing plantation in non forest area with a people centered participatory approach which will be economically viable, socially acceptable and environmentally compatible. The two schemes are as follows,


Though, TNPL has very limited land resources, it motivates land owners of large extent of unutilized lands and willing farmers to raise pulpwood plantations in the following 12 regions covering 29 Districts of the state of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry (UT).


The success of the plantation mainly depends on the quality planting stock either seedling or clonal material. The concept of clonal production centre was devised by TNPL during 2007 to achieve self-sufficiency in planting material and production of quality clonal plants to the tune of 15 million clones per annum with capital investment of Rs.4.0 crore. The Clonal Propagation and Research Centre was started during May 2007. TNPL has added another feather in its cap by commissioning a state -of-the-art clonal production centre with a capacity to produce 15 million plants /year near mill site. It is the largest clonal production centre at a single location with world class infrastructure facilities in India.


TNPL has established a separate Forestry Research and Development unit to cater the scientific and technical needs of the plantation programme. To sub serve the technical and scientific needs, the industry has established adequate research linkage with Forest College &Research Institute, Tamil Nadu Agriculture University, Institute of Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding, State Forest Department and other wood based industries in order to exchange germplasm, development of new varieties and hybrids, precision silviculture technologies to increase the productivity and to reduce rotation age, integrated pest and disease management and also to assess socio economic and environmental impact.


Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers Limited (TNPL), Kagithapuram has conceived and designed a management plan to augment the pulp wood raw material in order to create sustainability and self reliance in meeting the raw material demands through established plantation in non forest area with a people centered participatory approach which will be economically viable, socially acceptable and environmentally compatible.


In order to get maximum productivity from unit area TNPL has standardized technology through continuous research along with other forestry research institutes and disseminating the same to the farming communities for their benefits. The package of practice for cultivation of two major pulpwood species viz., Eucalyptus and Casuarina are published.


With an aim to reach 100,000 acres by the end of 2013, TNPL aggressively undertake Plantation schemes in confluence with farmers as it helps to improve their livelihoods. TNPL has achieved the target and raised 100,000 acres of plantation at the end of 2013-14 with an involvement of 18709 farmers. About 55 million clonal plants and seedlings were produced and distributed to the farmers under various schemes over the last seven years. More than 7.4 lac MT of pulpwood were harvested from TNPL plantations. TNPL is the first organization standardized the clonal mini cutting propagation technology in India to propagate Eucalyptus camaldulensis, Eucalyptus teriticornis, Casuarina equisettifolia, Casuarina junghuniana, Dalbergia sisoo, Melia dubia and Gmelina arborea.


TNPL is among the most environmentally compliant paper manufactures in the world. The company makes paper using as little wood as possible that to the wood is coming only from manmade plantations and not from natural forest. To demonstrate the resourcing of its pulpwood raw material only from the legal sources which compliant the local laws & legislations, environmental guidelines and social commitments, TNPL obtained Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) Certifications on Chain-of Custody and Controlled Wood Certificate from M/s. Smart Wood Programme of Rain Forest Alliance, USA on 21st July 2010 valid upto 20th July 2015 to manufacture FSC certified products. TNPL also obtained FSC Forest Management and Chain of Custody Certificate from M/s. Rainforest Alliance, USA on 6th July 2012 valid upto 5th July 2017 for its Farm Forestry and Captive Plantations in about 19,561 hectares, which is the largest FSC FM certified Forest plantation in India.


The plantations are being evaluated every year by external agencies like like SSFRDT (Society for Social Forestry, Research and Development, Tamil Nadu), IFGTB (Institute of Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding), FC&RI (Forest College and Research Institute), Coimbatore and Grow Great, Trichy. Based on the assessment and suggestion given by external auditors the corrective measures are being taken to improve the productivity of the plantation.

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