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Environment Protection and management are integral part of TNPL's activities. TNPL has taken several measures for protecting the environment in line with its commitment for sustainable development. In its choice of raw materials, sources of energy, and production processes, as well as in product development, the objective is to minimize the pollution load on environment. In all its business operations TNPL takes social, economic and ecological considerations seriously.

TNPL is an unfolding saga of commitment to sustainable development. Guided by principles of environmental responsibility, TNPL manufactures and markets paper using materials and processes that help minimize waste, conserve resources and protect Earth's bio diversity. Its unfailing commitment to clean production techniques with minimum pollution load stand out as a bench mark in the industry.

Through the adoption of sound ecological practices at every stage of activity, TNPL has not only brought down the pollution load but also improved the overall profitability through adoption of cleaner production technologies. Besides as a responsible corporate citizen the company has initiated many community development activities to enhance the quality of life in and around TNPL which has brought in lot of goodwill. Harnessing of wind energy, adoption of greener technologies, resource conservation, responsible waste management and minimal pollution loads make TNPL one of the most environmentally compliant mills in the world.

By using bagasse as primary raw material, TNPL preserves over 40000 acres of forest land from depletion every year.

TNPL has also been adopting multi-pronged, ecologically sound approach towards waste minimization and cost reduction through adoption of cleaner production technologies.

TNPL is accredited with ISO14001:2004 certification for an effective environmental management system.

TNPL Effluent Water Lift Irrigation Society (TEWLIS)

Effluent water from the process is treated in a state-of-art effluent treatment system, through an "Activated Sludge Process". The treated effluent water conforming totally to the Pollution Control Board norms is utilized for irrigating the dry barren lands around the mill. Around 1700 acres of arid land are irrigated with the treated effluent water under TEWLIS scheme. The main crops cultivated in the ayacut area are coconut, sugarcane, paddy and tapioca. The lands which were dry and parched earlier, are now lush green and are a source of perennial revenue to the land owners.

Wind Farm

TNPL has affirmed to pursue its commitment to renewable energy. The company set up 15MW Windfarm power project at Devarkulam and Perungudi, which are backward villages of Tirunelveli District in the year 1993-94. The initial installed capacity of 15 MW has been enhanced to 35.5 MW as of March 2007 in 5 phases with an average generation of around 5.5 crores units per annum.

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